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Discover Your Potential: Dive into our personalised 1-1 Virtual Mentoring Bundle, crafted to equip you with the precise tools, invaluable insights, and winning strategies essential for steering your journey toward success.


Overview of topics covered

Editorial Stylist: From pitching prowess to crafting mesmerizing mood boards and securing those coveted magazine shoots—plus, the insider scoop on snagging the hottest threads.


Celebrity Styling: Step into the glamorous realm of booking gigs, curating compelling mood boards, and mastering the art of wardrobe acquisition fit for the stars.


Commercial Styling: Unveil the secrets to job booking, crafting powerful mood boards, and securing those must-have outfits for commercial endeavours.


Styling Kit Essentials: From beginner essentials to a full-blown arsenal, discover what tools are your styling must-haves.


Your Stellar Portfolio: An in-depth guide to sculpting and presenting a portfolio that shines—plus, crafting a killer website and mastering social media prowess to elevate your brand.


Daily Operations Templates: Unlock the treasure trove of templates we use daily to power our fashion stylist empire.

The 1-1 guidance call


Brace for the ultimate fashion-fueled revelation! Join us for an exclusive 1-1 guidance call with the unparalleled Emily Tighe as she unleashes the secrets of becoming a style virtuoso. Together, we'll mind-map your path to a flourishing career in the world of fashion. Don't miss this chance to ignite your style journey!

Become A Stylist Guidebook

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