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During this immersive three-day Mentorship Program, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to learn the art of fashion styling directly from Celebrity Stylist, Emily Tighe.


This transformative mentorship experience is designed to accelerate your journey into the exciting world of fashion styling.

Join a select group of aspiring fashion stylists for an exclusive three-day in-person mentorship program, guided by none other than Emily Tighe, the acclaimed Celebrity Stylist.


We would delve into the following topics:

1. Exploring the diverse roles of a fashion stylist

2. Navigating the process of applying for assistant positions

3. Strategies for applying for stylist jobs

4. Crafting an impressive portfolio

5. Enhancing your online presence on social media

6. Creating and optimizing your own website

7. Mastering etiquette both on set and in the fashion workplace

8. Learning the art of mood board creation

9. Developing styling skills tailored to different publications

10. Gaining insights into budgeting, invoicing, deal memos, and rate cards

11. Preparing comprehensively for a fashion shoot

12. Sourcing clothing for shoots and celebrity clients, including the intricacies of fashion call-ins

13. Navigating fashion check-ins and check-outs

14. Participating in a sewing session to acquire essential on-set skills

15. Acquiring expertise in fitting with celebrity clients

16. Mastering the techniques of clothing pinning, steaming, and ironing for on-set days

17. Establishing a well-rounded fashion kit

This program is thoughtfully crafted for individuals with little to no prior experience in the dynamic world of the fashion industry. If you aspire to embark on a journey into the captivating realm of fashion styling, then this program is tailor-made just for you.

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