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Enrolment re-opening on the 12th May 2023

  •  Seven modules - with coursework marked by Emily Tighe

  • Weekly coaching calls  with Emily Tighe

  • Downloadable workbooks which you can keep throughout your career

  • The ability to start building your portfolio

  • Certificate of course completion 

Online Course (7).png

Location: Online​


Pay in full: £150

Pay monthly: £30 for 6 months

Start Date: Immediate access to the course platform after purchase


Duration: Once purchased, course access is valid for 6 months. The course can be completed within a one-month to six-month period.

Module One: Indroduction

  • Introduction 

  • The role of a stylist

This module outlines the role and importance of a fashion stylist in the wider industry. We will work on your mindset to help you achieve your goals and become a top stylist. The module outlines the variety of roles that a stylist can undertake.

Module Two: Editorial

  • The editorial shoot

  • Editorial mood board

This module is a detailed study of styling for fashion editorial shoots, the team involved in this process, and the timelines required. You will learn how to professionally request samples, build mood boards to the industry standard, pitch your ideas, and get commissioned on shoots.

Module Three: Celebrity

  • Celebrity styling

  • Celebrity mood board

An in-depth look at the world of celebrity styling, covering how to source clothes for the different types of celebrity styling from the red carpet to stock shoots. Learn how to book new clients, write deal memos, and present celebrity styling mood boards.

Module Four: Commercial

  • Commercial styling

  • Commercial mood board

Learn what a commercial stylist does and the difference between commercial, editorial, and celebrity styling. Learn the rate you should charge and how to build a styling and creative direction deck for a brand and book commercial styling jobs.

Module Five

  • Sizing

  • Styling Kit

A full break of what you should have in your styling kit.

Module Six

  • Admin

  • Portfolio

An in-depth guide to building and presenting your portfolio, website, how to show up on social media, and other relevant platforms to promote yourself.

Module Seven

  • Your shoot

Produce, style, and creatively direct your photoshoot that you will use to kick start your career as a fashion stylist.

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