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Helping aspiring Fashion Stylist's build their career an break into the industry


Location: London - In Person with Emily Tighe

Duration:  3, 5 or 10 Days 

In this mentorship program: you will learn what it takes to become a Fashion Stylist and gain credible experience. You will have the opportunity to shadow me and my team therefore gaining assisting credits.  

This mentorship covers:

  • How to source clothing

  • How to build moodboards

  • Budgeting and invoicing

  • Portfolio building

  • Creating a styling kit

  • How to market yourself

  • Fashion call-in guide

  • Fashion returns guide

  • Etiquette on set and in the fashion workplace

  • How to style for different publications

  • Styling techniques for different body shapes

  • How to land your dream client 

You will also be able to style, produce and creatively direct your photoshoot to gain images for your portfolio

As well as how to build a client base, work professionally and face the challenges that come along the way. 

By the end of the mentorship, you will be able to enter into assisting roles as a fashion stylist or straight into a stylist role.


The mentorship program is an in-person program alongside myself and my team me.

Please note there are limited places so an application process is in place. To find out more information and the cost of the mentorship program please apply.

Apply to the Mentorship Program

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Jogintė Kavaliauskaitė - 10 Day Mentorship

Just in 10 days, I’ve learned more about the fashion styling industry than in 2 years of studying fashion at  University.

Joining the Styling Mentorship Program was the best opportunity to explore what it means to be a Fashion Stylist and learn the necessary skills.

Emily kindly let me into her world and shared her enormous experience and professional knowledge with me. She always goes above and beyond with endless dedication and helps in every way she can. She is the best to learn from!

Thank you very much for this experience, I am so grateful for it. And I feel much more confident now about styling! 


Alfred Humphries - 10-Day Mentorship

This Mentorship is a dream come true! I have always wanted to find my way into the fashion world and when I saw this mentorship I thought it was too good to be true. Let me tell you it is everything you think it is and more. The hands-on experience with shoots and learning the day-to-day of a stylist from someone who knows so much about the industry has changed my life. Emily is ready and eager to answer all your questions. Emily is full of passion for her job and her knowledge is a great gift. I love every second!”


Cecilia Walker - 10-Day Mentorship

I stumbled upon Emily’s mentorship on LinkedIn whilst looking for a job in a different industry that I didn’t want. I thank my lucky stars that I found this mentorship, as it’s moved my life towards a purpose that I didn’t even know I had.

From the get-go, Emily has been super approachable, no question is too silly or crazy, the patience and nurturing that goes into every mentee is something that you won’t find anywhere else, especially in Fashion. It’s personal and molded around the direction you’d like to take. I’ve been on sets that would have taken me years to have got on to if it weren’t for this mentorship. Alike, I’ve met people on the same level, who want to collaborate and grow as fashion stylists together. The learning is thorough as well as so much fun, I am now submitting images from my shoot to magazines with the possibility of them getting published. Thanks to Emily I feel confident in my ability to be the best Fashion Stylist possible.

Adessa Mias- 10-Day Mentorship

I’ve learned so much during my mentorship, I’ve been able to have inside access to styling in different settings, and now understand the entire process from mood board to returns.

Emily’s talent for not only styling but mentoring is something not to be forgotten, and I have now learned skills that I can use forever.

Laura Swift - 10-Day Mentorship

I’ve had the best experience during the Mentorship Program and have learned so much from Emily.  I was able to assist on photoshoots and see the whole process from building a moodboard and creating looks to fashion returns. I also had the opportunity to plan and style my looks for a test shoot to start my portfolio! I now feel confident applying for assisting roles in styling knowing I now have the right experience and knowledge that I couldn’t have found anywhere else. I had the best time and they have helped me so much! I couldn’t thank them enough and would recommend this program straight away to anyone wanting to enter the world of fashion styling! 


Olivia Rodney -  6-Day Mentorship

The most I’ve ever learned in just 6 days!

Joining the program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before becoming a mentee, I had extremely limited knowledge of what works as a fashion stylist includes, despite studying fashion at university. After my days of conversation, shadowing Emily and her team at a shoot and doing call-ins, and getting to have a test shoot of my own, I now feel that I’m on a great path to deciding which direction I want my career to go in the future. Emily and her team were lovely to work with and to learn from, they always made sure I was comfortable and gave invaluable advice every step of the way. Even opening her archive, contacts, and locations to me for my test shoot - her kindness will always be appreciated! I highly recommend joining this mentorship program, it is easily the best investment of my career and more than worth the price!

Apply to the Mentorship Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I make contacts during the mentorship?

Yes - I will introduce you to Photographers, Makeup Artists, PRs, Hairstylists, Creative Directors, and even other mentees to build your network! 

Where do you look for inspiration?

I am inspired from all areas of life - I wake up early every normal, listen to music, and research new shoot ideas! 


Emily, what has been your career highlight?

I change my mind about this weekly! Recently my favourite moment in my career is styling the cover of L'officiel Italia (it comes out shortly!!) I was so excited to be asked to style this for one of my favourite photographers. We spent a few weeks coming up with the shoot concept. I was able to bring a big assistant team on set and give my current and past mentees the experience of being on such a big shoot! 

How do you get clothes for your fashion shoots?

Fashion PRs, Design houses,  New Designers, Vintage Shops,  my archive 

When does the program start? 

Whenever you want! Please be aware spaces are limited and get booked up quickly. 

How did you get into fashion?

I studied fashion design at Central St Martins and then worked at John Galliano before starting as an intern at GQ Magazine

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes -  We will work out a payment plan that works best for you!

If I don't know if styling is for me yet, is the mentorship worth it?

Yes - I will help you work out what path will best suit you in the creative industry

Does age matter?

You have to be over 18

What is the best thing about being a stylist?

Freedom financially, Freedom to create, freedom to work my hours, being my own boss!

Where does the mentorship take place? 

London - United Kingdom 

After the 10 days is up will you still mentor us?

Yes, I will always be there for you, I will check in with you regularly and help you build your career

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