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3-Day Virtual

Fashion Styling Mentorship

Spend three days in conversation with Emily and her team where they will teach you all the industry insider secrets.

Cost: £150

Day One: Conversation Day -  Learn everything you need to know about the Fashion Styling Industry.

Day Two: Moodboard and Creative Day

Day Three: Career Planning and Vision Boarding Day

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry Insider Knowledge: Learn how to secure paid assignments, from celebrity shoots to major campaigns, and ensure consistent editorial features.

  • Moodboarding Magic: Learn how to build industry-standard moodboards.

  • Pitch Perfect: Learn how to pitch to a magazine to secure editorial jobs.

  • Dream Assistant: Struggling to secure an assistant position? Do not worry, we have you covered, we will guide you on the best way to land your dream assistant job.

  • Test Shoot Tactics: Find the best clothing loans and master the approach.

  • Network Like a Pro: Learn how to build invaluable connections with industry creatives.

  • Step Up Your Game: Break into Fashion Week and learn the art of effective PR communication.

  • Diverse Stylist Roles: From editorial magic to celebrity glam-ups, discover the vast opportunities.

  • Kick-Start Your Career: Insider secrets to securing your dream job, spend time mapping out your future plan with Emily.

  • Portfolio Perfection: Learn how to build a standout portfolio, website and CV that speaks volumes.

  • Digital: Learn how to build and boost your online presence.

  • Professional Etiquette: Master on-set manners and workplace decorum.

  • Financial Foundations: Navigate budgets, invoices, deal memos, and rate cards effortlessly.

  • Shoot Readiness: From preparations to sourcing clothing and on-set fittings - we've got you covered.

  • Essential Styling Tools: Curate the ultimate fashion kit for any challenge.

29th April - 1st May 2024

Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break)

7th May - 9th May  2024
Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break

25th May - 27th May  2024
Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break)

**This is a British Bank Holiday**

28th May - 30th May  2024
Times: 6pm-10pm GMT 

24th June - 26th June
Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break)

8th July - 10th July 2024
Times: 6pm-10pm GMT 

12th - 14th August 2024
Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break)

24th - 26th August 2024
Times: 12pm-5pm GMT (1 hour break)

27th - 29th August 2024
Times: 6pm-10pm GMT 

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