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The Fashion Stylist Guidebook 

Discover Your Potential:  Emily Tighe's Fashion Stylist Guidebook is your shortcut to entering the fashion industry as a successful stylist. Packed with insider tips, it's your go-to guide for landing jobs and clients swiftly, straight from the expertise of fashion stylist Emily Tighe

Become a Fashion Stylist

Becoming A Stylist Guide Book


Dive into a 120+ page step by step guide to becoming a Fashion Stylist


Value: £450


Your Mentor


Emily's step by step guide to becoming a Fashion Stylist with key insider secerts.


Value: £500+

Template Valut

We are taking as much of the work off your plate as possible. These templates are what WE run on - this is our playbook!


Value: £350

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Secure all this valuable,

career-changing information:

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All for just for just


Overview of topics covered

The Fashion Stylist Guidebook curated by renowned fashion stylist Emily Tighe, serves as an essential guidebook offering exclusive insights and expertise to aspiring stylists aiming to penetrate the fashion industry. This comprehensive resource equips individuals with insider knowledge, empowering them to seamlessly navigate the industry's complexities and kickstart their careers. With Emily Tighe's guidance, budding stylists gain invaluable strategies to secure jobs and attract clients promptly, initiating their journey as accomplished fashion stylists right from the outset.

Editorial Stylist: From pitching prowess to crafting mesmerizing mood boards and securing those coveted magazine shoots—plus, the insider scoop on snagging the hottest threads.


Celebrity Styling: Step into the glamorous realm of booking gigs, curating compelling mood boards, and mastering the art of wardrobe acquisition fit for the stars.


Commercial Styling: Unveil the secrets to job booking, crafting powerful mood boards, and securing those must-have outfits for commercial endeavours.


Styling Kit Essentials: From beginner essentials to a full-blown arsenal, discover what tools are your styling must-haves.


Your Stellar Portfolio: An in-depth guide to sculpting and presenting a portfolio that shines—plus, crafting a killer website and mastering social media prowess to elevate your brand.


Daily Operations Templates: Unlock the treasure trove of templates we use daily to power our fashion stylist empire. Including deal memo templates, draft email templates used to book jobs and secure magazine editorial shoots

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